O800 444 426 is the number to dial.   It is the international phone number for South African residents which allows them to communicate free of charge with Apple Support on a telephonic land line

The Problem

I had landed myself in a situation in which Apple had deducted hundreds of rand per month from my credit card.   Many email complaints yielded no response.  Things were getting out of hand. I decided to confront the issue first thing in the morning; the time my energy levels are at their peak!

My Weekly Visit

It was a Tuesday, the day on which I entertain my seven-year-old granddaughter.   We share many regular activities, including baking cookies, playing snakes and ladders as well as ball and racket games, participating in creative crafting activities, going to the park and attending the local gym where Mishka loves to swim.   But on this particular afternoon, I needed a rest and was meeting some resistance when requesting a half hour to lie down and close my eyes.  I decided to throw my principles to the wind and downloaded the app Colorfy onto my iPad.  This would keep Mishka entertained for half an hour.   A little bribery sometimes needs to be resorted to in order for me to have some brief ‘time-out!’

An App with Conditions

The app offered a free seven-day trial, and monthly payments were required after the trial period.   I made an irrevocable effort to delete the app within the required time and was quite certain I fulfilled this task.    Notwithstanding the fact  I had activated the deletion process, I noted a number of emails in my inbox from Apple.  Checking on my bank statement the relevant deductions had been made.    By the time I had totally absorbed this information, I had three instalments taken off my account.  Something definitely needed to be done about this.

Whilst I had ticked the box on the email in which I was invited to complain, no response had been received from Apple.  I had tried various techniques of making contact with them over the internet, without success.   I visited the local Apple shop and was offered a phone number for free international land line calls.

The Solution

The first thing I did this morning was to spend 45 minutes in consultation with two different Apple consultants in order to sort the matter out.   Living in South Africa I am familiar with a less than perfect service when speaking on the phone at a ‘help desk’, so I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism and friendliness of the Apple representatives.

Working with Vicki

After identifying myself, Vicki told me that we could work together on our iPads and she would send me a message so that I could grant permission for our devices to work together.   Unfortunately, I did not receive this message so we had to work out an alternative methodology.   Some further problems with passwords slowed us down but ultimately Vicki ascertained that I did not have a subscription for Colorfy recorded on my account.   So she would have to put me through to Accounts.

Working with Yuki

A further delay of five minutes and Yuki came on the line to assist me.   I was fascinated by Yuki’s accent but did not feel it was appropriate to ask her any personal questions when the purpose of my call was to request a reversal of the funds which had been taken from my account as well as a cancellation of my subscriptions.

Yuki did eventually sort out my problem.   She reassured me that not only would my account be debited but my subscription would be cancelled.   In addition, she would email me information about how to cancel subscriptions on my iPad to ensure that I would not have this problem in the future.   I was fascinated to find that Yuki is a Pilipino – hence my difficulty in understanding her accent!

And, the Conclusion

In conclusion, I have mixed feelings about Apple.   During this investigation, I determined that there was no subscription recorded, yet I had three deductions from my bank statement.  When Yuki asked me how much had been deducted from my account, she accepted my word for the amount.  It appeared to me that she did not verify the amount I quoted as she hastily announced she had made arrangements for the repayment.

My main aim had been achieved.   I was promised a repayment as well as the termination of my subscription.   It was just a pity that I needed to expend so much time and effort to achieve this solution to a situation which should not have occurred in the first place!




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  1. Nikki Viljoen
    Nikki Viljoen says:

    Your patience is admirable! I missed that queue in the grand scheme of things, which often leads to me having my blood pressure go through the roof! Not a good state to be in I am sure that you understand. The fact that I do all the admin for Francesca makes for double trouble – it’s not for nothing that she refers to me as her “pit bull” slaying all her admin enemies whilst flying on the back of a dragon! It never fails to bring a smile to my face!

    I hope this mean’s that there are no more debits to your account Grace 🙂

    • Grace Smith
      Grace Smith says:

      Patience is not by nature my strong point Nicki, and it took great discipline to go through this long distance procedure. It is so nice that recognise how difficult it was to endure this lengthy process to achieve my just rights!

  2. Dr. Hazel Gaito
    Dr. Hazel Gaito says:

    Gra ce your fortitude and tenacity of purpose is admirable. I tried to have Amazon France resend 100euro gift card to my family in Luxembourg for which I was charged and which never arrived. Nothing helped. The receipts were sent but to no avail. I e Ben sent a complaint to Amazon US. I finally retired from the fray. Now your post has renewed my sense of purpose. I will gird my loins and return to do battle. Best Hazel

  3. Grace Smith
    Grace Smith says:

    I am so pleased I have motivated you to retrieve what is rightfully yours – yes, tenacity is the name of the game. Good luck in your belated pursuit of justice and do let me and my readers know how you get on.

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