I have decided to take the “bull by the horns”, the “bit between the teeth” and expose my day to day musings with my cohort who are endevouring to develop some meaningful understanding of the human experience.

The motivation to start a blog arose after an eight-day Memoir Writing Course on the Isle of Lesbos which I attended to celebrate my 80th Birthday.  I was sufficiently inspired by this immersion experience to record 40,000 words of autobiographic reminiscences, as well as create a potential title for a memoir.  “The Curious Octogenarian,” seems to encapsulate who I am at this stage of my development.  What I now need is a framework into which I can immerse my recollections and experiences, in order to add meaning and depth to the story.

I am anticipating that the weekly writing of this blog, in which I plan to share my day to day mind excursions, will assist me in making some worthwhile connections between my life and a contemporary rationale of the human experience.   As I have been acting as a facilitator of Conscious Ageing for seniors during the past 10 years I have been investigating the art and theory of maintaining my physical, cognitive and emotional well-being.    I will be sharing with you my insights, and hoping that in turn you the reader will give me some feedback, maybe some direction or other input.

I have recently pursued a study of Buddhist philosophy from whence the theory and practice of contemporary mindfulness and meditation has emerged.  The interest in meditation has grown since a number of Westerners travelled to India to explore these ancient practices and brought back concepts to guide us in coming to terms with our everyday experiences.   On their return, in the ’70s they transposed these concepts into a format which is palatable for professional people in the West and are now of interest throughout the world.

I visualise developing some mutual benefits for my future blogging community.   Those advantages would be in the form of the examination of the best life possible in our senior years.   I have no fixed or firm concepts of where this verbal interchange will take us – I enter the challenge with an open mind and the naïve belief that a mutual conversation will enrich us all.

Join me in this exciting new venture by signing up to my newsletter here.   I am looking forward to interacting with you.


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  1. Johanna Banda
    Johanna Banda says:

    Grace I would love to join the discussion and learn more how to live a positive life as it is very challenging but can do so if you’re focus with a positive attitude

  2. Nikki Viljoen
    Nikki Viljoen says:

    Oh Well done Grace and I have no doubt that it will benefit us all in the long run as we learn from all of your experiences. I’ve signed up for your blogs and look forward to receiving them soon. Best wishes as you travel on this part of your journey.


  3. Philip Crouch
    Philip Crouch says:

    Congratulations Grace on your conscious spiritual awareness of breaking down barriers in aging, and encouraging those of us over 70 that life is always a never ending journey. For me personally, that means here and importantly, after transiting this earth.

  4. Bonny
    Bonny says:

    This is an amazing inspiration to younger generation to view life”s realities from a totally fresh perspective. I am encouraged to move my own writings forward. Thank you so much.

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