My week-ends for the past five or six years have been highlighted by Maria Popover’s Brainpickings – her weekly blog of musings, readings and philosophical insights which include a potpourri of miscellanea.   In December 2018 Maria announced the publication of two original works of literature.    Not only did she promote her new book Figuring that was 12 years in the making, but she also had a live presentation at the The New York Public Library of A Velocity of Being, subtitled Letters to a Young Reader

Maria together with her friend a publisher of children’s literature, invited over 100 writers, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and philosophers to reflect on the joy of reading.   These contributions have been lovingly compiled into a beautiful book, with each essay being uniquely and artistically illustrated.

I was riveted whilst listening to a number of these contributors reading their testimonies to the joy of reading before an audience at The New York Public Library.  These wonderful tributes describing the role of reading, crafted by a range of talented and eloquent consumers of the written word, additionally provided a wonderful listening experience.  How timeous is this contribution to literature when paper is being replaced by screen.   The luxurious and lazy time spent reading and meditating is being exchanged for the instant gratification provided by social media.

As an introduction to Maria’s forthcoming publication “Figuring” which will be published in February 2019 I will offer you the author’s own words, “All of it — the rings of Saturn and my father’s wedding band, the underbelly of the clouds pinked by the rising sun, Einstein’s brain bathing in a jar of formaldehyde, every grain of sand that made the glass that made the jar and each idea Einstein ever had, the shepherdess singing in the Rila mountains of my native Bulgaria and each one of her sheep…………..”    Ultimately she makes the point regarding the interconnectivity of all beings and all matter.   I am confident that this quote will titivate your interest in finding out more and help you to make the decision to invest in this opportunity to grapple with the author’s originality and erudition.

So, why not visit and sign up for your weekend treat.   Maria, will keep you enthralled by her web of interlinking ideas culled from writers, philosophers and artists.   Her ability to weave together ideas and relevant strands of data is multi-faceted and engaging.   I wish you much joy and pleasure whilst familiarising yourself with Maria’s musings.

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  1. Hazel Gaito
    Hazel Gaito says:

    Your blog is not only interesting but thought provoking and stimulating. Ageing/sageing is an omportant and integral part of a life that wants to be active and not sit around ‘Waiting for Godot’ (Samuwl Becket’s Play)

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