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My Son-in-Law Challenges Me

Last Sunday my daughter invited me to breakfast. She had been telling me about the delicious pancakes she makes. They are accompanied by stewed pears, naartjies, and bananas then topped with nuts, seeds and syrup. This description was indeed enticing, so I accepted the invitation with alacrity. The Challenge Starts! Watching her preparing for the […]

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Honing our New Skills

It is 12 noon on a Friday morning, 22nd May 2020. I am feeling energised by three positive experiences. The first one totally unanticipated, and the following two planned arrangements that turned out to be extremely satisfying. It would not be exaggerating to say, “Beyond my wildest dream!” Generating Hope My early morning checking of […]

Reflections on Today and Tomorrow

My Hunch At the beginning of this year, I had a hunch. Life was about to transform. The present Neoliberal philosophy dictating our lifestyle had outlived its usefulness. With some degree of discomfort I found myself predicting that humankind would need to adapt to new values going forward. My intuition was telling me that some […]

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Perambulations on the Present Pandemic

Man’s Footprint and its consequences Do you believe there is a connection between the appearance of the virus that causes Covid-19 and the disturbance of the natural environment?  I posed this question recently in a meeting which had been transferred to an on-line app,  because of the current lockdown. The suggestions was met with silence […]