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What is the Significance of the Past Week?

5 days ago on Tuesday January 5th 2021, I witnessed a mob who supported Donald Trump, entering the Capitol Building in Washington and breaking through the police barriers which offered minimal resistance.  The most potent act of lawlessness seen in the USA for the past 150 years. Just this Sunday morning I was able to […]


In Search of my Identity

I try not to let a good opportunity pass me by. I tend to enjoy being involved in controversial issues of the day. So, when Olu Temehin Adegbeye who is the ‘ Othering Correspondent’ of ‘The Correspondent’ a contemporary Dutch news magazine, requested her readers share with her examples of when they had been denied […]

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Your Invitation to Support my Climate Activism!

New Feelings I have shared with you in previous blogs the strong feeling that pervaded my consciousness early this year.   These meandering thoughts were around the need for me to become an active participant in promoting healthy habits of consumption to conserve our planet from immanent destruction. But, in the Past I had been actively […]

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Baking Bread and Bettering the Brain

Baking Bread and Bettering the Brain My daughter Daniella who manufactures chef uniforms, did a deal with Jade who teaches Bread Baking.   Daniella would make Jade and her mother each a beautiful apron to wear at their bread making demonstrations.   In exchange, my daughter and I were offered a workshop on making Sour Dough Bread. […]


The Great Reset

Premonition of January 2020 I have never considered myself to be a particularly intuitive person. I have the odd hunch, and I know that foresight does play a role in decision making. However, since January 2020, I have been grappling to come to terms with the idea that Climate Awareness was going to be my […]