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The Lessons of Travel

During my school days, I was reluctant to participate in many of the activities offered. However, I was elected to be the proposer in a debate entitled, “Travel Broadens the Mind and Stimulates the Intellect.” Having just returned from a trip to Amsterdam, and being forced to endure certain unplanned experiences, I am thinking that […]


Dear Noam

I am so excited that you decided to take on the challenge of learning your Parasha and preparing a lesson about Jewish customs and beliefs, on the occasion of your Barmitzvah.    Your parents can encourage you to participate in a Jewish ritual which goes back many centuries, but only you can make the choice of […]

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Generation Theory in the Local Press

What is Generation Theory? American research and literature have been including references to Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and millennials for some time. Now the terms are starting to appear in the newspapers in South Africa. In the Cape Times of this morning, Wednesday 2nd October 2019, two articles suggest the public become aware […]